UPMSpecialty Papers
  • Responsibility

Responsibility by principle

We are committed to sustainable paper production as well as corporate responsibility that accounts for economic, environmental and social factors. It means you can use our papers with a clear conscience.


Designed to support sustainability


All our specialty papers are recyclable and biodegradable, designed to support sustainability from sourcing to production and all through the product lifecycle. The wood we use as raw material is sourced from sustainably-managed forests and we have minimised the consumption of water and energy in production and logistics.

A safe choice

Product safety is an important issue and we uphold high standards to ensure that all our products are safe and clean. Because many packaging materials and wrappers come in to contact with food, it is important to ensure they do not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

We always use third-party verifications, by sovereign institutions such as VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, to ensure the products intended to be used with food are safe. We have a list of 6,000 restricted chemicals we avoid using in our papers.

We follow strict safety regulations and strive towards continuous improvement. UPM's Code of Conduct outlines the leadership principles and values that create the framework for our responsible business practices.

Commitment to a sustainable future

UPM Specialty Papers upholds the same high standards and principles as the parent company. We share the widespread concern for the planet and do all we can to mitigate climate change. By reducing the environmental footprint of our operations and products we work determinedly towards the ultimate target: a sustainable future.


Finland's fast-growing forests mitigate climate change


Responsible business conduct means sustainable business solutions that we develop in active dialogue with our customers, suppliers and partners. Together we prove that innovative and responsible business can be efficient and profitable, enhancing the quality of life and prosperity of our stakeholders.


Safety culture