We offer highly functional, fibre-based paper materials that meet the highest standards and power your sustainability. Do you have a specific purpose in mind? We will work with you to co-create the innovative new materials that meet your exact requirements. Look on UPM Specialty Papers as a long-term partner, here to support your success by exceeding your customers' demands for ever more sustainable products.

Deforestation. Always.
Traceable products, all complying with FSC™ and PEFC Chain of Custody.
Trees planted by UPM every minute.
Targeted reduction in scopes 1 and 2 CO₂ emissions by 2030.
Targeted reduction in scope 3 CO₂ emissions by 2030.
Of paper and cardboard in Europe is recycled.
Average number of times fibres from paper packaging are recycled.
Minimise climate impact

Minimise climate impact

Are you searching for ways to reduce supply chain emissions? UPM Specialty Papers can help you meet your goals. We are continually going above and beyond to shrink our carbon footprint, so you can do the same. That means we’re not only committed to the UN’s 1.5°C climate target, plus a wide range of science-based measures to mitigate climate change. We also aim to reach net zero by 2040, a full decade ahead of the Paris Agreement timeline.

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Choose zero deforestation 

We are committed to sustainable forestry, enhancing forest biodiversity, and preserving forests as carbon sinks. The fibres we use are all sourced from sustainably managed forests, without exception. And the wood we use is 100% traceable and complies with FSC™ and/or PEFC Chain of Custody.

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Choose zero deforestation
Lead the way in circularity

Lead the way in circularity

Public expectation and regulations are both ramping up the pressure to innovate and implement recyclable options for packaging and labels. As one of the most widely and easily recycled materials on the planet, paper represents the obvious answer. Our wide-ranging expertise in developing recyclable papers suitable for existing fibre recycling streams is backed by equally extensive R&D capabilities.

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Safe for food contact 

When it comes to protecting the health of your consumers, food safety is non-negotiable. Our packaging papers are suitable for direct food contact and comply with stringent product safety standards.

Safe for food contact

Up to date

Our product safety experts actively monitor regulatory developments to ensure you remain compliant.

Industry compliant

Our packaging grades comply with food contact regulations in Europe (EU 1935/2004, BfR), the USA (FDA), and several national legislations  worldwide.

Certified manufacturing

Our mills producing packaging grades are certified according to ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System.


Packaging that meets your purpose


Power to your Purpose

To UPM Specialty Papers, sustainability is all about empowering our customers to make their purpose come ​to life. Our products designed for recycling, powered by the forest and amplified by expertise. All of this helps ​to transform your materials.