The foundation of UPM’s businesses is in the forest. That’s why sustainable forest management is in UPM’s highest priorities and to to safeguard forests for future generations.


UPM does not accept deforestation and UPM’s wood sourcing does not cause deforestation anywhere in the world.


Our forests grow more than we harvest. We plant over 50 million trees every year.


We know the origin of the wood we source and use 100% third-party verified chain-of-custody systems to trace the origin of it.


Passion for forests


UPM Forest Action Programme


Certified traceability of the origin of wood

Independent certification reassures you that a product meets a specific set of sustainability requirements. We know the origin of all our fibre and our supply chain is 100% Chain of Custody certified.


PEFC is the umbrella organisation for forest certification schemes that meet internationally recognised standards for sustainable forest management.


FSC certification verifies that wood is sourced from forests that are responsibly managed in an environmental, social, and economic sense.


Planting the seeds of the future

Forests are often called the lungs of the Earth – for a good reason. Trees produce oxygen and bind carbon dioxide. Growing forests absorb carbon from the atmosphere. To sustain the carbon sink, the forest needs to grow more than it is harvested. Sustainably managed forests act as a carbon sink while yielding raw material to replace fossil based resources. UPM plants 50 million seedlings per year. On average, this means more than 100 trees every minute, year-round.


Select 100% Traceable

Are you looking for fibres from sustainable sources you know and trust? Tracing the origins of our products is an absolute prerequisite, and our chain of custody cover both PEFC and FSC™ forest certification requirements. We also comply with the EU Timber Regulation, EU FLEGT, US Lacey Act, Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation, in addition to many other regional standards and legislations.

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Safeguarding biodiversity

Biodiversity is essential to maintaining healthy forests, as well as ensuring they are able to adapt to the changing climate. Already in 1998, we launched as a frontrunner a biodiversity program to guide and constantly monitor our activities against specific indicators. Our Forest Action programme covers today holistically an integrated approach to climate, biodiversity, soil, water, and social impact. And when it comes to sourcing our wood, we follow key forest certification principles that support safeguarding the biodiversity.

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We power your sustainability


No wood goes to waste

A single tree can contribute to the manufacture of 5,000 different products, including advanced materials such as biofuels and biochemicals. The best timber is used for furniture, flooring, and construction to name just a few. Sawmill waste, such as chips and sawdust, is used for pulp - as are any trees felled during the first thinning. And many new bio-based products are now developed from industry side streams. From trunk to branch to bark, we make sure that no wood goes to waste.


Wood raw material is the basis of many different businesses at UPM


Power to your Purpose

To UPM Specialty Papers, sustainability is all about empowering our customers to make their purpose come ​to life. Our products designed for recycling, powered by the forest and amplified by expertise. All of this helps ​to transform your materials.