Industry faces ever greater pressure to find recyclable options for packaging and labels. Consumers mostly expect it, while regulations increasingly demand it. As one of the most recycled materials on the planet, paper represents the ideal sustainable solution. A widely established recycling infrastructure. A thriving market for recycled products. And countless end uses. All combine to create a truly circular economy and guarantee a sustainable end-of-life for your packaging and labels.

90% of fibre-based packaging to be recycled in Europe by 2030.

82% of paper and board packaging was recycled in Europe in 2020.

100% of our papers are recyclable in existing fibre recycling streams.


Paper is Europe’s the most recycled packaging material


Establishing circularity as the norm

We are working in close partnership with the wider industry to make the collection and recycling of paper an integral part of everyday life. We are proud to be a member of 4evergreen, a cross-industry alliance established by the Confederation of European Paper Industries (Cepi). With over 100 members representing the entire lifecycle of fibre-based packaging from forests and designers to producers, recyclers and brand owners, 4evergreen has targeted a 90% recycling rate for fibre-based packaging by 2030. We also collaborate with CELAB and AFERA to boost recycling in the label and adhesive tape value chains.


Designed for recycling

Recyclable solutions are the future. We offer the papers and the expertise to help you achieve your targets, whether they relate to plastic reduction in packaging, recyclability, and even compostability – which may in some cases offer a more viable end-of-life option.


Get ready for recyclability regulation

The proposed EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation states that all packaging must be effectively and efficiently collected and sorted, recycled into high quality secondary raw materials, recycled at scale by 2035, and be designed for recycling by 2030. Paper offers the ideal response. Tighter regulations are on the way. Are you ready?


Recyclability as standard

Ensure that your materials are compatible for recycling with UPM’s papers that are compatible with existing fibre recycling streams. UPM’s internal tests verified by independent labs ensure they meet European recyclability standards. These include Cepi, the PTS recyclability test, and INGEDE test methods. A variety of grades are also tested by external accredited laboratories to ensure the official certification.


Compostability – a growing alternative

Our materials are all designed to ensure your packaging can be recycled into new paper products. Yet recycling is not always an option, in which case compostable packaging offers a sustainable alternative to avoid litter or landfill. We offer a range of papers certified as industrially compostable according to the EN 13432:2000 standard as well as home compostable according to NFT51-800:2015.


How UPM tests for paper recyclability


How does paper recycling work?

Once paper products – like flexible packaging – have reached the end of their life cycle they can be given a new life through recycling. Learn how the paper recycling loop works.

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Packaging that meets your purpose


Power to your Purpose

To UPM Specialty Papers, sustainability is all about empowering our customers to make their purpose come ​to life. Our products designed for recycling, powered by the forest and amplified by expertise. All of this helps ​to transform your materials.