We surveyed 200 global packaging professionals
to find out food packaging trends for 2040

UPM Specialty Papers and consultancy firm Smithers surveyed 200 global packaging experts across the value chain to find out key trends driving the development of sustainable food packaging by 2040. The study assessed the impact of a range of consumer expectations, regulatory development, material choices, to end-of-life options on the future of food packaging. You can find all the key trends and insights by downloading our 2040 report. 

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Key sustainable food packaging trends for 2040

The study assessed the impact of consumer expectations, regulatory development, material choices, to end-of-life options on the future of sustainable food packaging. To learn what trends will emerge, download the report below. 


Download the Sustainable Food Packaging 2040 Trend Report


“The use of fibre-based packaging is likely to grow even further due to its perceived image by consumers as easily recyclable and more circular. Smart packaging technologies with full traceability (blockchain) will be used to comply with stricter regulations and recycling quota allocation”

– European Packaging Supplier –


Meet the experts on consumer packaging, recycling and sustainability who provided insights on what these sustainable packaging trends could mean for your business


Grace Kim,Head of Global Packaging R&D, CJ CheilJedang, South Korea


Seasoned Packaging Engineering Professional with over 20 years of experience in the CPG, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries globally with a broad background in packaging material research and development, Packaging Strategy and Innovation, Sustainability, medical device/combination product packaging development, program management and commercialization.


Dr Alistair Irvine, Senior Manager, Food Contact Testing, Smithers, UK


Alistair manages the Food Packaging Safety Section within Smithers. This involves advising clients on the safety legislation which applies to food packaging in a wide range of different countries throughout the world and coordinating work programmes to ensure that clients’ products meet these requirements.


Dr Neil Rogers, Packaging Consultant (formerly principle scientist Procter & Gamble), Belgium

Neil is an award-winning package development manager, with over 25 years of business-building package innovation at Procter & Gamble. Neil has extensive experience in packaging technologies, global procurement, supplier management & agreements, packing process creation & optimization, technical training, and working in global FMCG companies. He is now an independent package development consultant specializing in plastic packaging development and sustainability.


Dr Susan Cornish, Independent Recycling Expert, US


Susan provides research and consulting on sustainable packaging. She is the author of several recent articles on ecommerce, packaging recycling and consumer perceptions of sustainability. Her clients have included many global brand owners. Susan has expertise in all aspects of product and packaging innovation research including concept and product testing, new product launches, pricing, package design, branding, advertising, messaging and market analysis and forecasting.