Specialty kraft papers

Meet our game changing specialty kraft paper: UPM Solide Lucent. Perfect for co-creating truly sustainable packaging solutions that require medium or high barrier properties.


UPM Solide Lucent. Smooth. Strong. Dense.

UPM Solide Lucent is a strong and versatile specialty kraft paper for coating base, lamination, single-packs, bags, and wraps.


SPECIAL through co-creation 

UPM Solide Lucent is a brilliant example of the type of packaging innovations the world needs right now: perfect for co-creation, it allows you to effectively reduce the amount of fossil-based or non-recyclable packaging materials.  

With its unique look and feel, UPM Solide Lucent invites you to express your creativity. This natural white specialty kraft paper has a unique look and feel with a smooth surface suitable for flexo and rotogravure printing.

Made with traceable fibres, from sustainably managed forests

Safe for food contact

Fully recyclable & compostable

Designed for further converting 

Specialty Kraft papers end uses

Dry Foods

Dry Foods

Recyclable packaging for dry foods


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Why UPM Specialty Papers 

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