Story | 09/24/2020 07:44:00

Did you know UPM plants 50 million new trees every year?

UPM is committed to climate positive forestry. We grow the forest again and again, to help produce renewable products.

In fact, each year UPM plants 50 million new trees. These high-quality seedlings are grown in our modern tree nurseries in Finland and Uruguay. In July 2020 UPM committed USD 25 million to building our third nursery in Uruguay, which will produce an additional 10 million seedlings. Each time we plant new forests, we are also contributing new carbon sinks to the world.




6,000 trees

The number of new trees, about 100 seedlings per minute, planted by UPM each minute.




The number of seedlings a worker can plant in a single day.



Finnish forests are growing more than ever

Despite increased use, Finnish forest growth has doubled in the last 50 years, thanks to a combination of modern sustainable forestry practices and conservation.



24 million tonnes of CO2

The amount of new carbon storage generated by our plantations in Uruguay. That’s equivalent to roughly 5,185,046 passenger vehicles driven for one year.  Established mainly on old cattle grazing land, these plantations do not displace native forests nor land used for food production.