Recyclable packaging papers for dry foods

UPM offers papers that are safe for direct food contact and suitable for regular paper recycling streams. Welcome to our world of sustainable packaging.


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UPM's recyclable papers are suitable for most types of dry food packaging including bags, standing pouches, sachets, and wrapping. Our papers offer protection even without a plastic laminate. So why not choose a sustainable paper that is ideal for end-uses such as flour bags, sugar bags, and tea packaging? Emphasise the natural goodness of grains. Choose strength for heavier contents like rice. Or underline the indulgence of luxuries like premium pasta.


Remarkable papers for recyclable packaging

Our papers for dry food packaging offer unlimited opportunities to reduce your use of non-renewable packaging materials. All are produced using fibre from sustainably managed sources and are recyclable in regular paper recycling streams. Our papers tailored for dry food packaging are also safe for direct food contact.


Uncompromising safety

Setting the standard

UPM offers a large portfolio of packaging papers that comply with stringent food safety standards including BfR and FDA. All of our mills are ISO 22000-certified. Our barrier papers offer reliable protection against mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH).  

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Fully recyclable

Meet the environmentally friendly paper that will meet your targets

94% of Europeans think products should be designed to ease recycling* – and in this day and age they expect your brand to agree. We help you to make recyclability easy. All UPM papers are repulpable and recyclable, with many also biodegradable. And all meet standard EN 643 of the European List of Standard Grades of Paper and Board for Recycling when they leave our mills. 

(*Source: Changing the way we use plastics, European Commission, 2018)

High impact

Packaging in its purest form

Transform your packaging into a powerful brand pillar. UPM papers are known for the high purity and we also offer papers with superp printability that stands out on the shelf. Emphasise the premium nature of  your luxury products with coated papers - ideal for vivid imagery. Or choose uncoated papers to add the natural and earthy look that tells your story of sustainability.


Who would have thought?

Our experts have estimated that if every pasta bag in Europe were made from UPM paper, we would free the planet from the equivalent to 7.4 billion plastic bags of pasta every year. That’s around one bag for every person on earth.


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