Paper for bags in all shapes and sizes

UPM papers are ideal for variety of end-uses. High impact paper shopping bags for retail with flat or twisted handles. Flat bottom bags that children love to fill with confectionary. Pinch bottom bags to hold in the aroma of freshly baked goods. And self-standing open-mouth bags that bring home the wholesome nature of dry foods like flour and sugar, animal feed and pet food.

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Bring home your commitment to sustainability

With around eight billion plastic bags polluting our cities, countryside and oceans every year, the time has come to look beyond fossils. Consumer bags and paper shopping bags offer a truly sustainable, fully recyclable alternative. Known for their combination of sustainability, strength and safety, UPM papers transform your retail bags into impactful advertisements for your brand’s commitment to the environment.


Fully recyclable paper

The future is in your hands

Made with fibres from sustainably managed forests, our papers help you produce shopping bags that can be recycled and turned into new products on average 5.5 times (source: Cepi, 2019).



Brand reinforcement

Paper for bags that make a statement

Paper shopping and boutique bags is exactly what today’s shopper is looking for. UPM papers are also renowned for their natural, pure white and superior print surface.




High strength

Making Paper your strong point

UPM papers are produced from high-quality virgin fibres to offer exceptional strength, even at lower basis weights. This allows you to select a lighter grammage, save on raw materials. The strength of our papers also offers a superior performance in the converting process.



Food safe

Meeting the strictest standards

UPM offers a portfolio of papers that comply with the most demanding requirements for food safety such as BfR and FDA, and our mills are all ISO 22000-certified. This makes UPM the ideal choice for any grocery, retail, shopping or consumer bag that come into direct contact with foods as varied as confectionary, fruit and flour.


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Who would have thought?

The average person in the EU used up to 200 plastic bags annually*. Our experts estimate, that if each person in the EU switched just 50 of these bags to paper, we could help save up to 200,000 tons of plastics a year. 

*In 2015


UPM’s papers for bag and sacks packaging

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Our papers for paper bags


Chilled Foods

Resist moisture and condensation with papers for refrigerated and frozen foods.

Dry Foods

Combine form and function with packaging papers for pantry staples.

Fresh Foods

Unite convenience and sustainability with recyclable, even biodegradable papers for single-use wrapping and packaging.