Non-food no longer means non-renewable

Paper offers a renewable and recyclable alternative to fossil-based materials. And UPM papers are suitable for a variety of non-food end-uses from personal care to household items to hardware, electronics, and toys. Bring to life the sustainability of your brand and products with a range of papers that are easy to open, tough enough to protect the items inside, and innovative enough to withstand moisture.

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Recycling. Made simple.

Modern consumers clearly expect their favourite brands to be sustainable. If you aim to make your packaging as easily recyclable as possible, we are the experts. Did you know that in Europe 83.5% of paper packaging was recycled in 2018?1 In fact, all UPM packaging papers can be recycled in regular paper recycling streams. UPM AsendoTM barrier paper is even biodegradable. All papers are repulpable and recyclable according to rigorous international standards. And all are produced from fibres sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Source: 1)


End uses. With no end.

UPM packaging papers can be tailored to meet the requirements of your specific end-use. In addition to a high-quality printing surface, they also allow you to add further attributes such as cold and heat seal layers as well as barrier qualities. Our remarkable papers are also designed to work on high-speed packaging lines, ensuring sustainability doesn’t come at the expense of efficiency.  



Safety comes as standard

Product safety remains an essential consideration for non-food items. It means you can use our papers to safely package toys, hygiene products, household items…pretty much anything and everything…without compromising the safety of your consumers. 

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You can access a product-specific summary of relevant product safety information in our product safety profiles.


Who would have thought?

If all APAC office paper producers used a wrapper without a plastic film, our experts estimate we could remove 9 million kilograms of plastic from circulation. That's the equivalent to 900 million PET bottles or 18 billion plastic straws.


Our papers for non-food end-uses

UPM Asendo™

UPM Asendo

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UPM Solide Lucent™

UPM Solide Lucent

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Chilled Foods

Resist moisture and condensation with papers for refrigerated and frozen foods.

Fresh Foods

Unite convenience and sustainability with recyclable, even biodegradable papers for single-use wrapping and packaging.

Dry Foods

Combine form and function with packaging papers for pantry staples.

Paper bags

Build your brand everywhere with quality paper and consumer bags for a wide range of uses.