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Designed to support high speed converting even at lower basis weights, our eco friendly packaging papers are ideal for sustainable packaging solution, without compromising on print quality. High flex crack resistance and the strength to withstand sharp corners, make our papers suitable for packing end-uses as varied as frozen vegetables, pizza and ice cream. Moisture-resistant labels are ideal for refrigerated products such as pesto and cold cuts.




Ready to make the move from non-renewable materials?

Our recyclable papers offer a truly sustainable alternative to product packaging made from non-renewable materials. As well as protecting your products, UPM papers also offer a superb print surface. The transition to non-plastic packaging has never been so necessary. And now, it’s never been so easy.


Avoid over packaging

Strong. Superior. Guaranteed

Frozen foods are too often over-packaged. How many times have you opened a cardboard box only to find a plastic bag inside? Yet eco friendly packaging alternatives exist. UPM's barrier papers, for example, offer protection against water vapor and light grease resistance. With the strength of virgin fibres, our recyclable papers allow you to select a lighter grammage and reduce your packaging waste. UPM's packaging papers not only protect your product, but double as a print surface, allowing you to fully express your brand. Our portfolio offers a wide number of papers to choose from, whether you want a more natural or luxurious look-and-feel. Our papers are designed for converting.




Fully recyclable

Meet the eco friendly paper that will meet your targets

Consumers are increasingly eco-conscious. In fact, 94% of Europeans think products should be designed to ease recycling – and they expect your brand to agree. UPM eco friendly packaging papers are repulpable and recyclable. Our barrier papers protect your product even without any need for lamination. Our papers comply with Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste and its amendments.





Uncompromising safety

Setting the standard

UPM offers papers that comply with the most stringent food safety standards including BfR and FDA, while our mills are ISO 22000-certified. So you can rest assured that our paper-based packaging materials are safe for direct food contact.

Looking for product safety information?

Access a product-specific summary of relevant product safety information with the UPM product safety profiles


Who would have thought?

If 70% of all the frozen pizzas sold worldwide made the transition to non-plastic packaging, our experts estimate we could free the world from the rough equivalent of over 2 billion plastic packages in just one year.

UPM’s papers for chilled food packaging

Browse this at-a-glance guide to our recyclable, renewable and biodegradable chilled food packaging.


UPM UniquePack™

UPM UniquePack

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Barrier papers for frozen foods

Barrier papers for frozen foods

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Labels for chilled and refrigerated foods

Labels for chilled and refrigerated foods

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Fresh Foods

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