UPMSpecialty Papers

Responsible innovations

Are you looking for ways to create more sustainable products? So are we.

Inspired by the limitless opportunities of the bioeconomy, UPM Specialty Papers innovates renewable and recyclable products that help minimize our dependency on fossil-based materials. Take a look at how we are innovating for a Future Beyond Fossils.



Examples of our responsible product innovations



Lightweight release liner

Innovations in fibre treatment and coating technology have enabled us to develop UPM Brilliant™ Express, which is a strong lightweight 40 gsm glassine product with excellent barrier properties, while being more fibre efficient.



Release liner recycling promotes a circular economy

UPM has developed a unique process, where liner waste is desiliconized using a unique process and turned into pulp for new release liner production.




Barrier papers for packaging and office paper ream wrappers

Fully recyclable, biodegradable and safe-to-use barrier papers that are free from plastics and fluorochemicals.



Lightweight office paper with plastic-free wrap

As a 68 gsm office paper, New Future Opti minimises its environmental impact – from the production process to its biodegradable, recyclable and plastic-free wrapper.  New Future carries the Responsible Fibre™ label.



Liner recycling benefits the entire value chain

Sometimes our products even begin a second life when they reach the end of their original lifecycle. Our liner recycling is a great example of this. We turn liner waste into valuable raw materials.

  1.  Release liners are produced at a UPM facility. Release liners are transported to a converting facility where labels are produced.
  2. Products are labelled, leaving behind the release liners.
  3. UPM promotes a circular economy by collecting release liner waste, which is then taken to a UPM facility.
  4. The release liner waste is desiliconized using a unique process and turned into pulp for new release liner production. The release liner from recycled pulp is safe to use and has the same technical performance as products made from virgin fibres.