UPM Solide Lucent is a versatile barrier base paper that allows sustainability and high performance to go hand in hand: A recyclable packaging paper from renewable sources that does not compromise on functionality.

Its key properties make UPM Solide Lucent the perfect paper choice when you need a coating base for high barrier packaging applications. Through co-creation with competent partners, the possibilities are endless!

Coating base for co-creation

UPM Solide Lucent is ideal as a coating base for several reasons. It is extremely smooth and dense, enabling lightweight and very uniform coatings. Its high strength, density, and excellent folding properties are exactly what is needed to secure the mechanical integrity of the packages and barrier performance in later stages of the converting and throughout the packaging value chain.

The product safe UPM Solide Lucent is made from virgin cellulose fibres from responsibly grown forests. Being a natural and renewable material, it requires some finetuning during the converting processes.

“I dare to say that UPM Solide Lucent as a coating base is as close to a drop-in solution as a paper gets,” says Janne Varvemaa, Director, Products and Technology, UPM Specialty Papers.

Different end-uses and packaging formats require different basis weights and strength & stiffness properties. That is why UPM Solide Lucent is available in basis weights from 45 to 90 grams per square meter. Regardless of the basis weight, all UPM base papers are equally suitable for converting.

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Unique, natural look and feel

On top of acting as a great coating base for high barrier solutions, UPM Solide Lucent has a few other relevant key characteristics.

The shade of the paper is natural white, i.e. it does not contain optical brighteners. The printing side is uncoated with light surface sizing, giving the package a unique, natural look and feel.

Despite being uncoated, UPM Solide Lucent offers excellent print quality both in flexo and rotogravure applications.

Designed for recycling

UPM Specialty Papers is known for producing innovative, high quality, and sustainable papers for the packaging and labelling industries.

As an uncoated barrier base paper, the fibre content of UPM Solide Lucent is over 95 %, making it an excellent starting point for recyclable and even compostable packaging solutions.

The high fibre content leaves room for additional coatings whilst the final packaging product will still be recyclable in current fibre recycling streams. Balancing functionality and recyclability requirements is vital for sustainable packaging solutions.

Are you are interested in learning more?

To learn more about the possibilities of using UPM Solide Lucent as a coating base for sustainable high barrier solutions, do not hesitate to order a sample or contact us.

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