Release base papers

UPM Brilliant Pro

UPM Brilliant Pro™ is a strong, dense, and extra-smooth white release base paper for all filmic face materials.

Key features

With its eye-catching purity and superior surface properties, UPM Brilliant Pro is designed for all filmic face materials. This strong, white-shade, extra-smooth release base paper has a very low silicone demand and is suitable for roll-to-roll applications. With its high density and low thickness variation, it does an excellent job supporting filmic face laminations during die cutting.
For filmic faces
High density
Superior surface properties

Product information

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Release base papers
End use
Converting method
Emulsion silicone coating | Solvent based silicone coating | Solventless silicone coating | UV cured silicone coating
Reel diameter (cm)
80,0 - 135,0
Reel width (cm)
50,0 - 230,0
Core (mm)
76,0 / 153,0
Note FSC™ and PEFC on request but subject to availability (FSC C014719, PEFC/02-31-80).

Technical target values

Please note: Technical values are informative and subject to production variations.


Product Compliance

BfR Food Certificate | FDA Food Certificate | EN 71-3: Safety of Toys

Fibre Certificates

FSC Chain-of-Custody | PEFC Chain-of-Custody

Mill Certificates

ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 22000 | ISO 45001 | EMAS

End of life

Recyclable | Compostable