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Your partner in fibre-based packaging

As consumers call for more sustainable alternatives, there is no question that there is a demand for more sustainable packaging solutions. At UPM we believe that we are stronger together: all of us in the packaging value chain need to work together to uncover new renewable and recyclable alternatives.


Working together we can find sustainable solutions!

We can offer you broad portfolio of renewable and recyclable packaging materials to serve you and your customers’ needs for sustainable packaging. 

Together we can:

  • Reduce the amount of plastics or non-recyclable materials
  • Increase usage of renewable materials
  • Move towards carbon neutral sourcing



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A partner you can trust

Are you looking for a partner that can support your growth, while meeting sustainability targets and meeting internal efficiencies? At UPM we take a holistic approach to our partnerships. Take a look at how we can help you!


  • 100% renewable sources
  • Recyclable, repulpable and even biodegradable products that can replace plastics
  • Certified product safety, suitable for food contact
  • Support of UPM experts to meet the sustainability targets of your value chain

Paper functionality

  • Design
  • Optimizing weight of packaging material
  • Printing and production
  • Shelf-life requirements
  • Logistics


Your operations

  • Global supply security to guarantee continuous production
  • Minimizing production hiccups with help from UPM’s technical service experts
  • Lower working capital through faster stock rotation
  • Day-to-day support provided by UPM’s top customer service
  • Broad product portfolio from a single supplier to reduce your sourcing cost and maximize internal efficiency
  • Ability to grow globally with a reliable partner

Broad portfolio of renewable and recyclable papers


Go natural (and plastic-free)!

Does your packaging need to convey the sustainability of your brand? Choose UPM’s plastic-free barrier papers that are monomaterials and can be recycled in your regular paper recycling stream!

UPM UniqueBarr™ is designed for various dry foods such as pastas, sugar, flour, or for packaging bread and other baked goods.

View UPM UniqueBarr™


Make your brand pop!

Stand out of the crowd with vibrant colors and sharp details. UPM’s LabelCoat™ family of everyday face papers are especially suited for fast moving consumer goods; it offers good printability to make sure even fine-grained details are legible.

View UPM LabelCoat™


The options are endless!

Are you looking for a versatile paper with good printability that delivers value for money? We recommend UPM FlexPack™ if you are looking for reliable paper with a broad range of grammages to choose from. It is especially well-suited for dry foods such as sugar bags, spices and seasonings, or cake mixes and can also be used for frozen or chilled foods.

View UPM FlexPack™