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Story | 10/30/2019 10:01:46

Replace plastics with UPM’s renewable and recyclable solutions

Almost all single-use products can soon be made from renewable and recyclable bio-based alternatives. Solutions that help address global consumption, are already growing in sustainable forests. We believe that wood fibres, molecules, residues and side streams are the building blocks of a fossil-free future. Are you re-examining existing products and business models to help address the global plastic pollution crisis?

Find renewable and recyclable low-carbon solutions from UPM’s wood-based offering:

UPM’s plastic-free barrier papers help replace single-use plastics

UPM offers a full portfolio of recyclable barrier papers that can help eliminate the need for single-use plastics while still providing much-needed protection for your products. UPM’s barrier papers are monomaterials that can be recycled in the regular paper recycling stream.

UPM’s barrier papers meet the industry’s strictest product safety requirements and are suitable for direct food contact. UPM’s barrier papers are BfR and FDA compliant, free of fluorochemicals and are available FSC® or PEFCT™ certified.

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Renewable fossil-free liquid cartons

Today, even liquid cartons can be fossil-free. Reduce the carbon footprint of your liquid cartons by replacing plastics from finite sources using UPM’s wood-based naphtha, which is made from pulp residues. Every tonne of UPM's wood-based naphtha reduces one tonne of fossil raw materials used. The sustainability of the entire value chain is verified with ISCC PLUS certification.

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UPM’s lignin solutions - nature's own glue

UPM BioPiva™ products are made from lignin, nature’s own glue. Lignin is a 100% bio-based and versatile substance removed from wood in pulp making process. It can substitute fossil raw materials, for example in resins, adhesives, plastics and polyurethanes. UPM’s experts provide customer-specific solutions for a variety of lignin applications. For more information on the potential of lignin, please contact lignin@upm.com

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