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Story | 10/22/2019 03:36:04

UPM recognized as a leader in promoting FSC® in Asia-Pacific

On the 25th anniversary of FSC®, UPM and other 7 companies won the 2019 FSC Asia-Pacific Leadership Award

UPM has been actively promoting FSC forest certification in the Asia-Pacific market for a long time, driving the industry's awareness and participation in responsible forest management and sustainable paper procurement. On the 25th anniversary of FSC, UPM and other 7 companies won the 2019 FSC® Asia-Pacific Leadership Award. 

In 2006, the UPM Changshu Paper Mill became the first paper mill in China to receive the FSC® Chain-of-Custody certification. Since then, UPM launched several high-end FSC® certified copy paper brands in Asia Pacific : UPM Jetset®, Copykid®, UPM Yes®, Future® and UPM Office®. UPM Changshu is one of the largest FSC paper producers in Asia.

In 2015, UPM became one of the first company to join “China Sustainable Paper Alliance” (CSPA), actively promoting FSC certified paper products in China. In 2017, UPM and FSC signed a global strategic partnership to develop solutions to promote the application of FSC in the market.

Wang Jue, Senior Environmental Specialist of UPM Speciality Papers, introduced UPM’s efforts in promoting FSC in the China market: “In recent years, in order to improve understanding on FSC among Chinese consumers, UPM cooperated with FSC and WWF in organizing many education activities, such as “Green Me”, “Green Walk”, “Paper Forest” and “Forest Dialogue”. These programs provided the right direction for consumers to purchase sustainable paper products.”

“UPM and FSC share a common understanding of the importance of responsible forestry and the sustainable use of wood products. We are delighted to collaborate with sustainable leaders of the paper and forest products industry such as UPM. We appreciate UPM's contribution in promoting FSC in Asia Pacific market.” says Kim Carstensen, Director General of FSC.