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Choose the right material for your release liner

Release liner usage is driven by rising technology trends. Electronics, appliance and automotive industries are all going through swift design and assembly changes. Are your release liners up to speed when your tape customers strive for higher productivity, higher flexibility, higher sustainability performance – but at the same time lower costs?


Release liner essentials


What do you value the most in papers for release liners? Here’s a checklist of what UPM glassines offer for double-sided tapes and industrial applications:

• Good silicone coating and release performance
• Improved anti-blistering
• Universal silicone compatibility
• Excellent strength properties
• Long reels, exact reel lengths
• Great quality and cleanliness consistency
• Moisturising consistency and water hold out
• Layflat properties in silicone curing and adhesive drying
• Controlled surface structure for differential release with equal coat weights

Improved performance


Our glassine range – UPM Brilliant™ Duo, UPM Topaz™ Duo and UPM Crema™ Duo – has received a definitive upgrade. The improvements include, for example, better staining and blistering performance.




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