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Press Release 24.7.2015 13:00 EEST

(UPM, Augsburg, 24 June 2015 at 13:00 CET) – UPM believes in the future of print and its effective coexistence with digital media. Print does not compete with other media channels, but fits in seamlessly.

Performance papers for competitive print products 

By introducing UPM Valor, UPM Impresse and UPM ReCat to the market, UPM created new, high quality printing papers specialised on the needs of magazine publishers and advertisers. All performance papers reduce mailing and delivery costs while being more sustainable which increases the competitiveness of our customers. The papers are ideal for publications and print products that demand premium quality.

UPM Valor for example is comparable to reference products regarding quality and its characteristics but up to 15% lighter in basis weight. Thanks to the efficient use of raw materials this innovative paper has lower impact on the environment.

“UPM Valor combines our know-how and high quality materials. We took a great step forward in the advancement of our traditional paper products,” explains Product Portfolio Manager Antti Pokkinen.

Other UPM performance papers also distinguish themselves through the combination of high quality and cost efficiency. Due to using little raw materials as well as the special properties of the papers, the environmental footprint is significantly smaller making UPM one of the leading manufacturers regarding sustainability.

“Our performance papers were developed according to existing demand. Printed publications have to keep up with other media products, thus our customers expect cost-efficient paper deliveries,” says Antti Pokkinen.

Always the perfect match for digital printing

The UPM Digi papers cover the whole range of digital end uses since they are available in a variety of categories that were developed for special requirements and printing technologies. By using UPM Digi papers the advantages of digital printing can be fully exploited. They are available woodfree uncoated (WFU) and woodfree coated (WFC), covering a wide spectrum of basis weights starting from 80 to 350 g/m².

“One of our new UPM Digi papers is UPM Digi Fine jet – a completely new paper quality especially created for high-speed inkjet printing. UPM Digi Fine jet is characterized by a quick absorption and fixation of ink, high surface smoothness and an excellent opacity. It is suitable for advertising materials, inserts, mailings, balance sheets, supplements, reports and other official documents,” states Ansgar Reiners, Product Portfolio Manager.

For dry toner applications UPM offers a diverse selection of coated papers, UPM Finesse for example, which can be used for photo books and other high quality products. The product range for woodfree uncoated and recycling papers was expanded by the products of the Digi Fine series.

UPM delivers numerous converting options for the UPM Digi papers, such as a special cutter which guarantees the highest angular and cutting accuracy in various format sizes. 

Sustainability – a basis for business success

Publishers, printing houses and advertisers focus on reliable, safe and sustainable products. This includes printed materials. Consumers and readers are highly interested in environmental issues and actively seek for information. Paper is the best example of a Biofore product: It is manufactured using renewable raw materials and therefore sustainable by nature. 

For further information please contact:
Antti Pokkinen, Product Portfolio Manager, UPM Paper ENA, tel. +49 821 3109-7208
Ansgar Reiners, Product Portfolio Manager, UPM Paper ENA, tel. +49 4963 401-1601

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