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Press Release 5.11.2013 15:00 EET
(UPM, Helsinki, 4 November 2013 at 12.00 GMT)  - UPM has collaborated with six leading brands and publishers across Europe to discover what paper means to their companies and marketing communications activities. The series of six short films feature magazine publishers, world-wide media agencies, travel operators, designers and a high street retailer.

A new film will be launched every month on the UPM Paper ENA (Europe & North America) website www.upmpaper.com – the first of which will be with Editor-in-Chief of Wallpaper* Magazine, Tony Chambers. (link to the video)

Commenting on the debate between digital and print he states: “Since the rise of digital communication, digital media, I’ve noticed much more interest in how you use paper and how you use ink on paper, and experimenting with getting more from it.  Because if you’re going to invest in putting your content into paper, then you need to make the most of it and I think there’s a real renaissance now in how content is delivered on paper. 

“I think there’s a real renaissance now in how content is delivered on paper. “

Ironically people presume that paper would be, or the way of delivering media on paper, would probably be dead now or even in the next five years, 20 years, and that’s completely opposite now, I think, because I think anybody intelligent enough to use the qualities of ink on paper properly will realise that it has a great advantage, some great advantages over digital.”

Will Stone, Head of Communications UK for UPM comments: “The films are an honest and transparent look at how paper works within big brands and organisations today.”

He added: “We hope to stimulate debate and discussion on the future of print on paper through these short films.”

The following interviews include:

• Mercedes Erra, Havas Worldwide, Managing Director
• Pauline Zosi,  IDEAT, Manager distribution and promotion
• Dominic Pemberton, Argos & Home Retail Group, Head of Publications,
• Torsten Gebke, TUI, Head of Paper Purchase, Publishing Processes and Logistics
• Tom Dixon, Owner, Tom Dixon

For more information:
Will Stone, Head of Communications UK & Ireland, tel. +447841493447 will.stone@upm.com

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