UPM taking frontrunner steps with global EMAS registration

Archive 12.9.2012 11:00 EEST

(UPM, Helsinki, 12 September 2012 at 11.00 EET) – All of UPM’s European pulp and paper mills are now certified in accordance with the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), a voluntary environmental management system. In addition, the Fray Bentos pulp mill in Uruguay is the first non-European mill to be included in the EMAS. Altogether UPM’s corporate registration and the respective environmental statement cover total 21 pulp and paper mills.  

This year the environmental reporting is more comprehensive than ever before. “The widening of the EMAS scope to include the first non-European site was a logical step for UPM’s environmental management and reporting. UPM’s focus is on producing more with less energy, water and waste, and with lower carbon footprint,” says Päivi Salpakivi-Salomaa, Vice President, UPM Environment.

In 2011, UPM carried out numerous projects aimed at improving material efficiency in pulp and paper mills. Especially the amount of landfill waste was significantly reduced thanks to new options found to re-use of ash at the Finnish mills.

This first non-European EMAS registration is a continuation of a pilot project between UPM, EU, Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE, the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and Inspecta Certification.

“We’re delighted to see that EMAS is moving from European to global use and hope that the efforts of UPM to continually improve their environmental performance show the way for other international companies. Third party verification of the environmental data increases transparency, and gives credibility to companies using EMAS around the world,” states Soledad Blanco, Director Sustainable Resources Management, Industry & Air from the Environment Directorate General of the European Commission.

“We are glad that the Finnish company has decided to make this ground breaking expansion of EMAS scheme. We believe that openness in environmental reporting is beneficial and should be promoted globally,” says Tuula Varis, Director General, from the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

The UPM EMAS statement comprises a corporate part and a mill-supplement part. The corporate report includes group-level information and core indicators on e.g. energy and material efficiency. The mill supplement deepens the corporate report with local information such as environmental targets and accomplishments. All data is verified by a third party.

UPM’s pulp and paper mills environmental statement is available at www.upm.com > About UPM > Downloads > Responsibility

For further information please contact:
Mr Sami Lundgren, Director, Environmental Intelligence, UPM Environment, UPM, tel. +358 20 415 0394


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EMAS is the EU’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme. It’s a voluntary environmental management system for companies and other organisations to improve, evaluate and report on their environmental performance on an annual basis. The management system as well as the environmental report is verified by a third-party accredited EMAS auditor.

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