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upmpaper.com at your service also in German and French

Archive 15.6.2012 14:09 EEST

(UPM, Helsinki, 15 June, 2012) – UPM’s paper website “upmpaper.com” is a one-stop-shop for all paper related topics. Now the versatile content, including the Online Paper Catalogue, is available also in the German and French languages:

  • www.upmpaper.com/de
  • www.upmpaper.com/fr

“We are very happy to introduce the upmpaper.com website to our German and French speaking audiences," says Laura Kuusinen, Digital Communications Manager at UPM Paper Business Group.

“On the website the visitors can, for example, become familiar with the latest paper related news, access the Online Paper Catalogue and the broad selection of UPM services, such as Technical, Environmental and Training services. Moreover, upmpaper.com serves as a gateway to our renewed UPM Customer Online extranet," continues Kuusinen.

Mobile Paper Catalogue 0.1 complements UPM’s catalogue family

In addition to the printed as well as renewed Online Paper Catalogue, UPM Paper has taken the first step to enter into the constantly evolving mobile world by launching the 0.1 version of the Mobile Paper Catalogue – http://m.upmpaper.com. 

The Mobile Paper Catalogue is currently available in English.

“We will both test the technical functionality of the mobile catalogue and collect feedback from the users. Based on the feedback we will specify functionalities for the next version to serve our customers even better than we do today,” concludes Kuusinen.

For more information, please contact:
Laura Kuusinen, Digital Communication Manager at UPM
email: laura.kuusinen@upm.com, Tel. +358 20415 0492

Notes for the editors

UPM leads the integration of bio and forest industries into a new, sustainable and innovation-driven future. Our products are made of renewable raw materials and are recyclable. UPM consists of three Business Groups: Energy and pulp, Paper, and Engineered materials. The Group employs around 24,000 people and it has production plants in 16 countries. UPM's annual sales exceed EUR 10 billion. UPM's shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. UPM – The Biofore Company – www.upm.com

UPM Paper has 22 modern and sustainable paper mills in Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, China and the United States. Many of them are large recycling centres and bioenergy producers, as well as paper manufacturers. UPM Paper employs almost 13,000 people. In 2011, the business group’s net sales amounted to EUR 7.2 billion. To learn more, visit: www.upmpaper.com