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(UPM, Helsinki, 28 September 2011) - At UPM, we continuously develop new solutions to produce high tech paper from renewable natural resources. With our strong confidence in the self-adhesive label business, our systematic product development and R&D in cooperation with our customers keep on increasing and improving our product portfolio.

Please find below some current news from UPM Label Papers. 

New appointments at UPM Converter segment

From the beginning of August 2011, in connection with the closing of the Myllykoski acquisition, UPM Paper Business Group has reorganized its key operations. In UPM Converters segment Mr Jaakko Nikkilä has been appointed Vice President, Converters and Mr Arto Kipinä Sales Operations Director, Label and Postal papers.

Mr Nikkilä has several years of experience in paper industry. He has worked with UPM since 1995 in various leadership positions in customer service, manufacturing and sales. For the last six years he has been based in Hong Kong in charge of UPM Converter segment sales in Asia.

Mr Kipinä has also worked with UPM since 1995 in various positions in sales and marketing and customer service. Last five years he has been based in Shanghai, China, first years being in charge of Merchant sales for Asia Pacific region. Recently he has been responsible for Sales and Demand Planning in China and Asia Pacific.

Meet Mr Nikkilä on September 29-30 and Mr Kipinä on September 29 at our stand, 12V40.

UPM Tervasaari PM 8 rebuild proceeds as planned

In November 2010 UPM announced its response to the growing demand for label papers by increasing the label paper production capacity by almost 30,000 tonnes annually at its Tervasaari mill (PM 8) in Valkeakoski, Finland.

"The rebuild of the Tervasaari PM 8 started in March 2011 and has proceeded as planned. The first phase in March 2011 brought already more capacity. The main phase takes place at the end of Q1 2012. In addition to capacity increase the investment enables UPM to widen the product portfolio towards thinner and lighter liners. The first new product will be a 45 gsm glassine,“ says Mr Jari Tamminen, Production Director of UPM Tervasaari.

UPM Tervasaari paper mill manufactures yearly some 360,000 tonnes of label, envelope and kraft papers. The mill employs about 400 people. PM 8 was built in 1996 and the machine produces label release base papers. Its previous rebuild was done in year 2006.

For more information, please contact: Mr Jari Tamminen, Production Director, UPM Tervasaari, tel. +358 40 514 1268

New UPM JetLabel recycled to strengthen label face paper range

To respond to the growing demand of recycled based label face papers UPM has developed an uncoated surface sized UPM JetLabel recycled for variable information printing (e.g. self-adhesive office label).

UPM JetLabel recycled is made of recycled fibre. With its high whiteness and optimal surface structure it is suitable for inkjet, laser as well as flexography, offset and letterpress printing. The backside of the paper is durable against penetration.

UPM JetLabel recycled is produced at UPM Docelles mill, France. Location of the production unit in Central Europe eases the access to the recycled fibre resources and the environmental impact of transportation is low. UPM JetLabel recycled is FSC, PEFC, EU Ecolabel and BfR Food Certificate awarded.   

For more information, please contact
Mr. Antti Heimola, UPM Product Manager, Label papers, tel. +358 40 512 9009

Name structure clarification in UPM CCK product range

UPM has conducted a name structure clarification in UPM’s Coated Kraft liner range. By this clarification UPM CCK products are now better positioned to specific end uses and applications.

As of August 2011 the new product names UPM CCK splitback and UPM CCK graphic were added to the UPM CCK product range. The range now consists of five products: UPM CCK, UPM CCK office, UPM CCK splitback, UPM CCK pro and UPM CCK graphic.

UPM CCK splitback is a one side coated release base paper for sheet and reel applications when back side splitting is needed. Basis weight available is 86 gsm.

Another new product is UPM CCK graphic, which is one sided coated release base paper for self-adhesive graphic arts. It is available in 120, 127 and 135 gsm.

For technical specifications, please visit

For more information, please contact
Mr. Antti Heimola, UPM Product Manager, Label papers, tel. +358 40 512 9009

UPM Tervasaari glassine and SCK grade classification to be changed to basis weights

The classification of the UPM Tervasaari glassine and CCK grades from PM 5 and PM 8 are changed from thickness based system into basis weight one. After the change for example UPM Brilliant 53 will be UPM Brilliant and the grammage 60 g/m2 will be stated in the label. UPM Brilliant duo and UPM Topaz duo grades are already in the basis weight system.

The change has started to take place and since June the new orders of glassine and SCK are done with the new basis weight classification. The change will be finalized by the end of October 2011.

For more information, please contact
Mr. Antti Heimola, UPM Product Manager, Label papers, tel. +358 40 512 9009

UPM’s Environmental Responsibility Principles defined

UPM’s environmental key areas include the whole product lifecycle, from raw material sourcing to production and delivery, from final end use to disposal of product.

“We have defined sustainable products as well as climate, water, forest and waste management as the key areas of our environmental responsibility,” says Päivi Rissanen, Environmental Director, UPM Paper Business Group. She continues: "Sustainability is something that is not easily understood. It can be described as a journey during which we follow a series of principles. The purpose of the principles is to guide concrete actions during the whole lifecycle.”

Certification, continuous monitoring and reporting prove that UPM's products are made of sustainable raw materials and with minimal environmental impact. 

UPM is strongly committed to continuous improvement in economic, social and environmental performance. Responsible attitude and aspiration for continuous development are elemental principles in UPM’s way of working. The foundation for responsibility is profitable operations and value creation from products which are sustainable throughout their lifecycle.

For more information, please contact
Mrs Päivi Rissanen, Environmental Director, UPM Paper Business Group, tel. +358 40 743 0306

UPM Paper

Responsible, innovative and passionate about paper. Responsible means we are guided by sustainability in every aspect of our work, starting with the renewable and recyclable raw material used: wood. Innovative means commitment to continuous improvement, and listening sensitively to our customers’ needs. Passionate means dedication to the ongoing success of paper and print. We strive to be at the forefront of the industry, with a deep understanding of the market and the media, and outperforming cost efficiency.

UPM has 25 modern and sustainable paper mills in Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, China and the United States. Many of them are large recycling centres and bioenergy producers, as well as paper manufacturers. UPM Paper employs almost 14,500 people. In 2010, the business group’s net sales amounted to EUR 7.6 billion. To learn more, visit: UPM – The Biofore Company.