UPM published the Book of Senses

Archive 4.1.2011 0:00 EET

(UPM Helsinki, 4 January 2011) – UPM has published the Book of Senses, a new sample book that introduces the versatile paper offering UPM has developed for book end use.

A book is a powerful medium. The moment readers set their eyes and hands on a book, their senses of sight, touch and hearing are continuously stimulated. The choice of paper is an essential part of the book - whether it is a cartoon, novel or a luxurious art book.

The Book of Senses stimulates its readers' senses with multiple samples. The new UPM Book paper range is introduced with samples of UPM Book Premium B 1.3, UPM Book Premium B 1.6, UPM Book Premium Silk, UPM Book 70+ B 1.65 and UPM Book Matt B 1.6. The versatile selection of various UPM papers is also accompanied by UPM DIGI paper range samples of UPM DIGI Color Laser, UPM DIGI Personal and UPM DIGI Print.

UPM papers are suitable for wide variety of books. The main end uses for UPM book papers are hardback and paperback novels, school books, manuals, dictionaries and comic books. UPM's book papers are designed for all the standard printing methods.

Books are also truly sustainable products and these publications have a very long lifecycle. Who would even consider throwing a book away? To further enhance the sustainability of books, UPM sources its paper from renewable raw materials and produces it using bioenergy.

Need a sixth sense? With UPM RFID you can have unmatched flexibility in book logistics, better visibility of your product movements and stock levels.

To get your own copy of the Book of Senses get in touch with UPM's local sales representative. For more details on UPM Book papers visit UPM Online Catalogue at www.upm.com/en/paper. UPM papers make sense.

For further information please contact:
Mr Petri Salminen, Product Manager, UPM, Paper Business Group, tel. +358 2041 43320

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