UPM expands its range of cutsize papers

Archive 31.1.2011 0:00 EET

There is a lot going on in UPM's cutsize papers; we can now offer three new products covering papers made of 100% recycled fibers, a high performance color print paper with improved whiteness and a light and bulky 70 g/m² paper. UPM's new copy papers are manufactured according to existing social and ecological principles, similarly to all previous ones. Like in all UPM's papers, the sustainability issue is well covered; the papers have the most comprehensive existing environmental certification, the EU Ecolabel, as well as forest certifications PEFC or FSC.

UPM Office Recycled premium

UPM Office Recycled premium is a high white paper made from 100 per cent recycled fibre which makes it an ecological and sustainable choice for office documents. UPM Office Recycled premium represents one of the highest quality recycled papers in the market. It is suitable for laser printers, inkjet printers, copiers as well as fax machines and suitable for laser and inkjet printing methods.

Improved UPM DIGI Color laser

This renewed grade has now an exquisite whiteness level of CIE 172, which is the most significant improvement for UPM DIGI Color laser. All in all, this product can now offer

• A wider and renewed range from 80–300 gsm
• Upgraded whiteness – CIE 172
• Very high smoothness
• Good formation
• Proven excellent performance in colour printing & copying

On top of the standard sizes A4, A3, SRA3 and A3+ the new DIGI grade is available in size 364 x 660 mm for the new Xerox Igen4 EXP format. UPM is one of the few who can offer this for the new Xerox machine!

UPM's copy paper range now available in 70 g/m2

Developing the cutsize paper business into an ever lighter sphere brings along several advantages. Economically thinking, a clearly higher yield can be achieved, meaning that more paper for money is gained. In addition, savings in fibre consumption and other raw materials are achieved. For the same transport cost, more papers are gained.

From an environmental point of view, a 10% smaller environmental load per sheet has been calculated compared to the same paper in 80 g/m². By decreasing the substance of a copy paper to 70 g/m², the effluent load decreases by 10%. Furthermore, there is a remarkable decrease in waste water, air emissions and solid waste.

When thinking about the sense of touch, this bulky paper successfully resembles the 80 g/m² paper and also performs equally when it comes to runnability and printability.

The 70 g/m2 paper is available as Yes Light and Future Multitech eco.