UPM inaugurates alternative transportation terminal in Strasbourg

Archive 24.11.2010 0:00 EET

(UPM, Strasbourg, 24 November 2010) – UPM inaugurates a terminal for the unloading and storage of suspended calcium carbonate for its UPM Stracel mill. The raw material will be transported by inland waterways and rail achieving a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. The terminal is located near the Rhine River in Strasbourg.

The new transportation system replaces 4,000 trucks a year that previously transported calcium carbonate mixes to the mill. This logistic enables to greatly reduce traffic around the mill and to reduce logistic CO2 emissions by 50 % per year. UPM thus reinforces the use of alternative transportation modes in France. With the river shuttle established by the Group in 2008 between Paris and Rouen, close to 8,500 trucks are now taken off the road annually.

The terminal was delivered through a financial partnership between UPM, local authorities and the Strasbourg harbor (Port Autonome de Strasbourg) who are owners of the facility. The investment of nearly 5 million euros includes the construction of a wharf, a structure for the discharge and three storage towers.

This project fully meets UPM environmental policy that aims at reducing environmental impacts of its operations and products over their entire life cycle.

For more information, please contact:

Jean-Marc Louvet, UPM France, tel. +33 6 0742 1115
Jean Kubiak, UPM Stracel, tel. +33 6 6951 4947