Paper at the heart of biofore

Archive 2.6.2010 0:00 EEST

There are a lot of misconceptions about paper and its emissions to the nature. But actually paper industry is one of the few industries that can aspire to becoming genuinely sustainable. And it is in the heart of the new industrial revolution which is bio-based.

It means that already now new disciplines and motives steer the behaviour of people. Today people justify their purchasing decisions on totally new grounds. The key word is sustainability.

Sustainable bioeconomy means that people prefer:

renewable energy,
renewable raw materials and
recyclable products.

UPM stands out within the forest industry through its pioneering role as The Biofore Company, merging bioeconomy and forest industry activities into a new and sustainable forest industry.

The word biofore combines the words bio and forest. The word represents not only forest but also foresight, being a front-runner and of course - sustainability. And that is what UPM as a biofore company is all about.

UPM has paid attention to new consuming patterns, new innovative products and production technologies. On top of the existing products, that are also bio-based UPM has started to develop new bio-based products, like bioenergy, biofuels or biomaterials.

Three essential factors why paper is biofore:

Paper is made from a renewable resource. It is recyclable and reusable.
The raw material procurement is integrated. All UPM's existing and new businesses are based on the use of the same raw material.
Our new businesses are linked up with existing production plants – mill integrates give synergies in both raw material procurement and energy use.

So paper is a biofore product and paper making is biofore activity.

Paper meets all the key fundamental elements of sustainability. Look around you – how many other products can boast similar features?