UPM launches new UPM Eco Range

Archive 18.5.2010 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Helsinki, May 18, 2010) UPM has renewed its product offering and naming in its SC-B, MFS and News product ranges and launches a new UPM Eco range. The developments take place in heatset and rotogravure printing methods, whereas the coldset product range stays the same.

During the renewal a new MFS grade for rotogravure printing is launched. The new UPM EcoPrime G is an uncoated bulky speciality paper for advertising and publishing. The economical UPM Eco range has two product name changes - the former UPM Brite H is named UPM EcoPrime H and the former UPM News H is named UPM EcoBasic H.

The wide UPM Eco range with basis weights:

UPM Eco - 45, 49, 52, 56, 60
UPM Eco X - 40
UPM EcoPrime G (NEW) - 45, 48.8, 52
UPM EcoPrime H (former UPM Brite H) - 45, 48.8, 52, 55
UPM EcoBasic H (former UPM News H) - 40, 42.5, 45, 48.8, 52

"While UPM Eco represents the benchmark quality among our SC-B products, we wanted to demonstrate a new end-use based approach in our product marketing by naming the whole range as UPM Eco range. In addition we have developed new products, UPM EcoPrime G and UPM Eco X, a bulky SC-B grade with low basis weights, which complete the product offering. This development enhances UPM's position as a one stop shop for our customers and makes our product offering the most extensive of its kind in Europe," says Kaisu Soudant, Manager, Product Portfolio Management in UPM Paper Business Group.

"The new UPM Eco range offers sustainable and economical benefits to our customers. The main raw material is RCP and/or fresh fibres from sustainably managed forests. With the most modern asset base in Europe and high environmental standards of our operations, we can secure minimum impact on the nature. The best class production technology guarantees superb and constant quality designed for high speed performance printing," Soudant continues.

The typical end-uses of the UPM Eco range are the direct marketing, supermarket ads, basic electronics materials, TV-guides, supplements, and garden and do-it-yourself retailers.

For more information, please contact:
Kaisu Soudant, Manager, Product Portfolio Management, +358 40 767 5659

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