Advertisers and ad agencies awarded at the Finnish Periodical Publishers' Gala

Archive 22.4.2010 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Helsinki, 22 April, 2010) The Finnish media and advertising professionals were awarded by the Finnish Periodical Publishers' Association (Aikakausmedia) in the Magazine Gala in Helsinki on April 15, 2010.

UPM sponsored 'the Magazine Advertisement of the year' category and the winner was Mandatum Life's Rahat ja Henki (Money and Life). According to the jury this series of ads is unique with its visual solutions and its sensational picture selection works excellent in the magazines. These bold ads differ significantly from their competitors. They were designed by ad agency Taivas and the media agency was Dagmar.

Käry magazine, published by Cancer Society of Finland and created in cooperation with ad agency 356, was awarded 'the Special Solution of the year'. Käry was distributed as an insert with selected magazines. According to the jury this special insert reached its target audience with an enlightening but yet discreet message.

Ken Ehrnrooth, UPM, Vice President, Publishers segment, presented the award to the winners of 'the Magazine advertisement of the year' and 'the Special Solution of the year'.

"The standard of this year's competition was very high. It was really challenging to find truly the best of the best in many categories. It is delightful to see how the professional skills in making the periodical magazines have constantly developed," says the chairman of the jury, Saara Itävuo, Marketing and Research Manager of the Finnish Periodical Publishers' Association.

The jury awarded also Unilever as the 'the Periodical advertiser of the year'. Also several editorial awards were given in different categories. Magazine Awards is organised annually and the Gala biannually. This year close to 700 people participated the event.