UPM Rauma mill's employee negotiations concluded

Archive 20.10.2009 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Rauma, 20 October 2009 at 14.00) – The employee consultation negotiations at UPM Rauma mill, started in September, have now been concluded. The negotiations concerned improving the mill's competitiveness through more flexible and cost-efficient ways of operating. The number of mill personnel will be reduced by altogether 73 persons, out of which 45 are shop-floor employees and 28 salaried employees.

Personnel reductions will take place in 2010 by taking into account the resources needed in training for the new ways of operating. The reductions will mainly take place through various pension schemes. According to the plans, the number of personnel working at Rauma mill will be about 670 persons by the end of 2010.

The target is to clearly improve the cost-efficiency and competitiveness, and secure the mill operations in the long term. Flexibility and cost-efficiency are sought for by increasing the co-operation between departments as well as the use of common resources.

"Although these issues are not easy to deal with, the employee negotiations at Rauma paper mill were conducted in a very constructive manner. Naturally, we took into account the implementation of the previously announced development measures. The new measures will be targeted for different parts of the organisation. A totally new way of operating at the maintenance and operations teams will play a big role in our plans. In my opinion, our negotiations teams were well able to look for the best practical solutions and changes for the implementation plan. The activeness and input of our personnel representatives has been important in planning the change and its implementation. After realizing these plans, the Rauma mill cost-efficiency and competitiveness will improve considerably," says Kari Pasanen, General Manager of UPM Rauma mill.

For more information, please contact:
Mr Kari Pasanen, UPM, Rauma, General Manager, after 15:00 Finnish time, tel. +358 40 512 0664
Mr Arto Lampinen, UPM, Paper Business Group, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, tel. +358 2041 50609