UPM to cooperate with Sinapse in a printing skills competition

Archive 16.12.2008 0:00 EET

(UPM, Helsinki, 16 December, 2008) – UPM has agreed to cooperate with Sinapse Print Simulators in the "SHOTS heard around the world" global printing skills competition. The competition is meant for the Graphic Art students in educational institutes who use SHOTS (Sheetfed Offset Training Simulator).

In the competition, the students studying printing will compete against each other using the Sinapse Print Simulator. The simulator offers a reality-like environment where the students will compete in fixing printing problems caused by the printing machine, ink or paper.

The competition will start at the end of this year, the final being a live "match" between the two best schools in a major printing trade show during 2009 in China or another major showsite. "Sinapse is expecting many schools to sign up for the competition, since SHOTS is used by more than 125 schools in over 25 countries. Already schools from four continents have signed up," says Managing Director of Sinapse Print Simulators Peter Herman.

"For UPM, this is an excellent opportunity to work with the future decision makers in print media and the schools involved," says UPM's Head of Technical Sales Erik Ohls. "The contest's criteria, quality print at the lowest cost and best working methods, are a direct echo of UPM's approach to printing and the way we work with our customers."

UPM uses the Sinapse Printing Simulators in the UPM Printing Schools for customers and its own technical personnel. The first courses in paper making and printing (SFO, CSWO, and HSWO) were held in November and they awakened a great deal of interest. Similar courses will be organised next year. The external paper and printing courses are part of UPM's service offering.

For further information, please contact:
Erik Ohls, UPM, Head of Technical Sales, tel: +358 40 742 9469

For further information on UPM Paper or Printing Schools, please contact:
Gerd Carl, UPM, Manager, Technical Sales, tel: +358 400 438 301,
+49 160 905 509 99

For further information on Sinapse Print Simulators, please contact:
Diane.Delorme@Sinapseprint.com, or see www.sinapseprint.com