Up to 400 new jobs at UPM Kajaani mill premises

Archive 16.12.2008 0:00 EET

(UPM, Helsinki, 16 December 2008 at 11:15) – The business park at the UPM Kajaani mill premises will further expand. To date, UPM has signed agreements on the premises with 17 companies in total. Of the agreements, 13 are letters of intent and 4 final agreements.

If all agreements will be completed, the business park will provide jobs for some 300-400 persons. Negotiations with other companies interested in Kajaani business park will continue.

S Group will establish a new service centre in Kajaani. At first stage the service centre will employ some 30 people. In 2010, the number of personnel is estimated to reach 100 in total. The operations are scheduled to start next spring.

"The business park has proceeded very rapidly and the amount of agreements shows a great interest in the business opportunities in Kajaani region. New companies are still welcome, Kajaani has plenty of trained and skilled workforce to offer," says Mr Hans Sohlström, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Development from UPM.

"We have tried to look at the premises in the eyes of the entrepreneur – what we can offer them. Technical issues, the facilities as well as know-how have all been considered. This way things have proceeded well", Mr Jarmo Torvinen, Technical Director of UPM Kajaani says.

In addition to the agreements announced earlier, UPM has signed a letter of intent with the following companies:

- Sweco Oy, consultancy services company
- Ymon Oy, consultancy company in telecommunications and data security
- Kainuun Keskuspesula Oy, a laundry
- Katera Steel Oy, supplier of machinery
- PR-Rolls, a company proving roll grinding machinery and maintenance
- Clean and Safety Lappalainen Oy, a cleaning service company

In addition to S Group, UPM has signed final agreements with Empower Oy, Protacon Group as well as Sotkamon Erikoispuhdistus Oy.

UPM offers mill premises at Tervasaari for industrial use

At Tervasaari mill, UPM has signed a letter of intent with a Finnish company NEAPO to rent a paper machine hall. UPM permanently closed the paper machine 6 at Tervasaari mill last year. The purpose of the agreement is to search possibilities to transform the paper machine hall into industrial use meeting NEAPO's business needs. NEAPO manufactures products for construction industry. The planning of the work has started and will be completed during the first quarter in 2009.

"We are extremely pleased that we have found new, versatile use for the premises. Tervasaari has an excellent location and good transport connections. It will provide opportunities to other companies as well", Mr Juha Kääriäinen, General Manager of UPM Tervasaari says.

"From Job to Job" programme

In Tervasaari, UPM's "From Job to Job" programme is about to begin. In Kajaani, the programme has proceeded as follows. To date, 16 employees have found new positions within UPM. Approximately 70 persons have found employment or study place outside UPM. Some 160 persons will retire.

UPM's "From Job to Job" programme will offer financial support for retraining, creating new business as well as relocation of the employees affected by the closure.

For more information, please contact:
Mr Hans Sohlström, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Development, UPM,
tel. +358 400 547717
Mr Jarmo Torvinen, Technical Director, UPM Kajaani, tel. +358 40 5883696

Mr Juha Kääriäinen, General Manager, UPM Tervasaari, tel. +358 40 7750355
Mr Olli Vuola, Managing Director, NEAPO Company, tel. +358 40 555 4646

News Conferences

In Kajaani and in Valkeakoski, UPM will organise news conferences on the development of Kajaani and Tervasaari mill premises today.

In Kajaani, the news conference will be held today at 15:00 in UPM, Kajaani club house. The business park will be presented by Mr Hans Sohlström, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Development, UPM as well as Mr Pauli Hänninen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Projects, UPM. The companies presented at the news conference are SOK, Empower, Sweco and Ymon.

In Valkeakoski, the news conference will be held today at 15:30 in UPM, Tervasaari meeting room 8. The development of the mill premises is presented by Mr Juha Kääriäinen, General Manager, UPM Tervasaari and Mr Olli Vuola, Managing Director of NEAPO Company.