UPM launches digital printing paper range at On Demand Expo in Boston

Archive 5.3.2008 0:00 EET

(UPM, Chicago, March, 4, 2008) – UPM launches its range of digital printing papers to the North American market during the On Demand Expo in Boston, from March 4-6, 2008.

The UPM DIGI printing paper range, which has been available on the European market since 2000 and is now also being launched in North America and also in Asia, is unparalleled in its breadth. It includes both coated and uncoated fine papers, as well as magazine and newsprint papers for digital printing processes. End users can select from a variety of surface finishes (gloss, silk and matt) and from a wide spectrum of basis weights, ranging from 27lb up to 120c. The UPM DIGI range is designed for the most versatile digital end user sectors, such as personalized direct mailings, high quality advertising materials, transactional documents, books and newspapers, catalogues or magazines.

UPM DIGI includes 15 paper qualities, which fall into the following three categories:
UPM DIGI FINE includes coated and uncoated freesheet papers from 47.3lb to 120c
UPM DIGI MAGAZINE includes mechanical magazine papers from 40.5lb to 67.6lb
UPM DIGI NEWSPRINT is a range of newsprint quality papers for digital printing, from 27lb to 40.5lb
The range offers paper qualities for all of the common digital printing systems based on electrophotography or ink-jet technology, for b& w and colour, and various sizes such as cutsizes, folio sheets, Xeikon reels and reels with large diameters for digital web printing.

“We expect strong growth especially in the area of digital web printing,” says Frithjof Vorrath, Manager of the UPM DIGI Paper Business & Competence Centre. “With new developments in reel-fed digital colour printing machines, the demand for paper reels with large diameters will clearly grow and open up new end-use opportunities for digital printing such as transpromotional printing, manuals, brochures and books.” Increased speed and the possibility to print full colour are the key drivers to let digital printing enter into these higher-volume applications. The UPM DIGI range includes a selection of reel papers with large diameters for colour applications, such as the woodfree uncoated papers UPM DIGI Colour Laser, Laser+, and Presentation as well as the woodfree coated papers UPM DIGI Finesse gloss, premium silk and matt.

For further information please contact:
Ms Terri Hable, Business Manager, Merchant Sales UPM, Westmont, Chicago Office. tel. 1 630 235 4580 or 1 630 213 7604