UPM Printing Simulator to enhance UPM training programmes

Archive 18.2.2008 0:00 EET

(UPM, February 18, 2008) - UPM will launch a new training programme including UPM Printing Simulator for commercial use to meet the increasing needs of paper and printing training. The first programmes during 2008 are designed for internal technical service and research personnel. In late 2008 UPM will begin to offer the training package also to its customers and other external stakeholders.

The UPM Printing Simulator includes a console consisting of the screens and an ink keyboard as in any commercial printing operation. The simulator offers a reality-like environment where the operators learn how to fix printing problems caused by the printing machine, ink or paper. The advanced software includes Sheet Fed Offset, Coldset Web Offset and Heatset Web Offset as available printing methods.

The console is designed and made in partnership with Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design in Finland and is made out of UPM's own materials. The simulation is done with Sinapse Graphic International's Press Simulator integrated with Honeywell's Printa Press Control System.

UPM has established two main training centres with complete consoles. One is located in UPM Technical Service's training centre in Augsburg, Germany and the other is in connection with the UPM R&D centre in Changshu mill in China. UPM has trained own instructors who will run the training courses. The external paper and printing courses are part of UPM's service offering.

For further information please contact:
Mr Gerd Carl, Technical Marketing Manager, tel. +358 400 438 301, +49 160 905 509 99
Mr Erik Ohls, Technical Marketing Director, tel. +358 40 742 9469