UPM paper products blossom with EU Flower Awards

Archive 6.11.2007 0:00 EET

(UPM, Helsinki, November 6, 2007) – UPM has been awarded an EU Flower certificate for its magazine, bag and sack papers. The European Eco-label has been given for the products of UPM's Augsburg, Steyrermühl, Jämsänkoski and Pietarsaari paper mills. Within a year, more than ten other UPM mills have been awarded this certificate.

“The EU Flower is a proof of a product's good overall environmental performance and thus low environmental impact. With the EU Flower, we want to demonstrate that our papers meet comprehensive criteria and are environmentally sound,” underlines Sören Slotte, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Packaging Papers.

UPM is one of the first paper manufacturers to be rewarded with the EU Flower for its products. To receive the European Eco-label, paper producers must meet strict regulations on emissions to water and air, as well as on waste management, and reduction of energy consumption.

As part of the EU Flower assessment criteria, manufacturers must also meet a wide range of environmental and sustainable requirements. UPM has had to demonstrate the origin of all fibres, and that more than 10 % of fibres are sourced from certified sustainable managed forests. In addition, producers have to be committed to the increase use of environmentally sound products during manufacture.

The first UPM papers to successfully apply for the EU Flower were office papers manufactured at UPM's mills in Europe. Soon after that, fine paper grades sold under UPM's own trademark and made at Papeteries de Docelles, Kymi and Nordland Papier, as well as UPM Eco magazine paper produced at Schongau mill, were awarded the EU Flower. In July magazine papers produced at Finnish paper mills Jämsänkoski, Kaipola, Kajaani, Kaukas and Rauma joined the forerunners.

Supported by the European Commission and all EU member states the Eco-label offers guidance to consumers and purchasers, who wish to purchase products with superior environmental performance.

For further information please contact:
Ms Natasha Rubanin-Hilden, Environmental Analyst, telephone +358 40 731 0546

Notes for editors:
UPM is one of the world’s leading forest products groups. The Group's sales in 2006 were EUR 10 billion, and it has about 28,000 employees. UPM's main products include printing papers, converting materials and wood products. The company has production plants in 14 countries and its main market areas are Europe and North America. UPM's shares are listed on the Helsinki and New York stock exchanges. www.upm-kymmene.com

The European Eco-label, known as the "EU Flower" is a voluntary scheme designed to encourage businesses to market products that are genuinely a better choice for the environment. The EU Flower sets comprehensive standards for raw material, energy and water consumption, emissions, waste management, share of certified fibre and use of chemicals. Ecological criteria have been adopted for 24 product groups.