UPM is the first company to score its papers according to WWF Paper Scorecard

Archive 29.11.2007 0:00 EET

(UPM, Helsinki, November 29, 2007 at 11.00) - WWF has launched WWF Guide to Buying Paper and Paper Scorecard. UPM is the first paper producer to use the scorecard and has assessed two of its paper grades according to WWF's scorecard.

The scorecard allows paper producers to score their papers according to set criteria. The scorecard takes into account different environmental aspects of papers like use of recycled fibre, sustainable forestry, fossil carbon dioxide emissions and other emissions as well as waste to landfill.

"For us WWF Paper Scorecard is one new good tool. It takes broadly into account the different environmental aspects of paper. However, we find that there is still need to develop further the weighting of the scores", says Ms Marja Tuderman, Vice President, Environmental and CSR Affairs from UPM.

"With the guide and the related scorecard WWF aims to influence the paper market in such a way that the price would not be the only factor behind the purchasing decision. Attention should be paid also to the origin of wood, energy consumption and emissions of the mills", says Mr Harri Karjalainen, Forest Manager from WWF Finland.

The WWF Guide to Buying Paper, WWF Paper Scorecard as well as information on UPM's scored paper grades are available at WWF's international website http://www.panda.org/paper/toolbox.

For more information please contact:
Ms Marja Tuderman, Vice President, Environmental and CSR Affairs, tel. +358 204 150 395.