New enterprises have created over 100 jobs at UPM's Voikkaa premises - Voikkaa exhibition room will be opened by the end of the year

Archive 5.3.2007 0:00 EET

(UPM, Helsinki, March 5, 2007) – Currently, there are eight companies operating at the Voikkaa Business Yard located on the premises of the UPM Voikkaa paper mill. These businesses have employed over 100 former employees of the mill. Storage services company Kouvola Cargo Handling, which has operated on the premises since autumn, has already decided to rent more space at the Business Yard. Due to the enlargement there will be new jobs for 15 people in addition to the 13 people already recruited.

"So far, UPM has negotiated with some 80 companies on setting up business at the Voikkaa Business Yard. UPM has rented out approximately 20% of the premises. UPM Real Estate will continue negotiations to find new companies interested in operating in the region," explains Product Unit Director Aki Kohonen.

To date, 441 former employees of the Voikkaa paper mill have found a new workplace or taken up vocational training. Seventy-nine employees have joined the retirement scheme. There are 121 employees who have found new positions within UPM, while 174 have been employed outside the company. Eighty-six people have started vocational training as part of the change security scheme. In addition, around 60 employees will stay on at Voikkaa until the end of 2007. Their duties will include property maintenance and dismantling of paper machines. The mill employed a total of 678 persons. UPM has paid entrepreneurial start-up support to sixteen applicant companies employing approximately 25 persons.

UPM will continue cooperating with employment authorities and a private recruitment agency in order to find a job for some 158 employees. The company has also extended its re-employment obligation for local Voikkaa employees to 24 months. During this time, the employees will be informed regularly of all new openings in the company.

UPM has had good experiences from the previous relocation programme. Some 91% of a total of 672 persons found a satisfying solution during the two-year restructuring programme that was launched at the Wood Products Division in 2004.

UPM will restore an exhibition room at the Voikkaa fire station premises. The room will be used to present the history, production and personnel that worked on the mill from 1897 to 2006. The fire station built in 1913 is a building of special historic interest in Kymenlaakso. The intention is to depict working life and the development of professional skills with the help of objects, photos and other material collected over the decades. The room will be open for former employees as well as other visitors after the renovation by the end of this year.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Aki Kohonen, Production Unit Director, UPM, Voikkaa, tel. +358 204 153 291