Construction works on new recovery plant at UPM's pulp mill proceed in Kuusankoski

Archive 16.8.2006 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Helsinki, August 16, 2006) - Construction works on the pulp mill’s new chemical recovery plant at UPM's Kymi mill site in Kuusankoski are in full swing. Construction in the wood handling area is currently going on at five sites, providing employment for over 100 people. In total the project will employ about 900 people.

UPM’s investment of EUR 325 million in the rebuild of the Kymi pulp mill’s chemical recovery plant is one of the biggest construction projects presently underway in Finland. The rebuild involves the replacement of two outdated and cost-inefficient chemical recovery lines by one modern line.

The investment will secure the pulp supply of UPM’s Kymi paper mill and ensure Kymi's development as a competitive integrated fine paper mill. The investment will also increase the mill’s energy efficiency and reduce fossil carbon dioxide emissions. The pulp mill’s production capacity upon completion of the project will be 600,000 tonnes.

"The project is challenging as the work is being carried out in the middle of the mill site surrounded by a fully operational mill. The project has progressed as planned during the spring and summer. The project’s completion schedule has moved forward by almost six months following more detailed planning. The aim is for the new, single-line recovery plant to go on stream by summer 2008", says Matti Haukijärvi, Project Director.

The construction of the recovery plant consists of three main areas: 1) the evaporation plant, 2) the soda recovery boiler and turbines and 3) the lime kiln and causticising plant. In addition, a large number of heavy pipe bridges and a so-called service module which includes staff facilities, a control room, offices and a repair shop, will be built. Two new electricity substations will be built.

Significant impact on plant’s operation and neighbourhood

Thanks to the new recovery plant, Kymi will become an efficient and modern integrated pulp and paper mill. With the new plant it will be possible to increase the use of biofuels, and the bioelectricity production capacity will double. Kymi’s self-sufficiency in electricity and thermal energy will increase, too.

The project will be implemented applying the best available technique (BAT) in terms of environmental protection. As a result of more efficient recovery techniques, malodorous gas emissions will decrease as will the amount of airborne emissions per tonne of pulp produced. The new process solutions are especially aimed at managing the risk of incidental emissions. This includes increasing the number of containment basins and the controlled treatment of rainwater coming from the recovery area.

The construction project will provide employment for as many as 900 people, which will have a positive impact on business life and employment in Northern Kymi Valley. Dozens of contracts will be concluded during the construction phase.

Kvaerner Power Oy has been selected as the main equipment supplier for the soda recovery boiler. The evaporation plant, lime kiln and causticising plant will be supplied by Andritz Oy. The turbine plant will be supplied by Siemens AG. Responsibility for plant design and construction engineering will be borne mainly by the Pöyry Group.

For further information please contact:
Mr Matti Haukijärvi, Project Director, tel. +358 40 543 2901