All the world’s knowledge printed on UPM Finesse bulky matt

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The 21st edition of the renowned Brockhaus Encyclopedia has been printed on UPM’s new high-volume paper, UPM Finesse bulky matt. The encyclopedia, consisting of 30 volumes, was presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair on 19–23 October.

The massive encyclopedia encompasses 30 volumes and 24,500 pages, is bound in distinguished materials such as leather and linen, takes up an impressive 1.70 m of shelf space and weighs around 70 kg. Brockhaus has released the first six volumes at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and remaining volumes will be published in series of six every three months until September 2006. Brockhaus also offers buyers a digital audio library with more than 3,000 samples and access to their online service at

The new Brockhaus Encyclopedia is printed on UPM Finesse bulky matt in sheets. The woodfree matt coated grade is primarily designed for book publishers, as it gives printed products more bulk, a pleasant feel and excellent readability. Its greater stiffness yields excellent technical machinability, and its high whiteness makes it an ideal addition to the UPM Finesse art paper selection. The UPM Finesse bulky matt papers have a bulk of 1.05 cm³/g in reels and 1.1 cm³/g in sheets.

We asked Joachim Weintz, Production Manager at Brockhaus, why they chose this paper: “The main criteria required for our project were the bulk, opacity, surface finish and machinability of the paper. UPM Finesse bulky matt ensures brilliant reproduction and a good feel, which make leafing through the volumes a pleasant experience.”

UPM Finesse bulky matt was released for sheet-fed offset printing from Nordland Papier in Germany in spring and for web offset printing from Kymi, Finland this autumn. Both grades have been matched to each other in terms of optical characteristics, so that reel and sheet papers can easily be used together to achieve visually attractive combinations of for example text and cover.

Printed samples of both reel and sheets can be ordered by e-mail from or by fax from +49 (0) 49 63 401 1930.

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November 3, 2005