UPM Finesse campaign: First gourmet hamper winners drawn

Archive 27.10.2005 0:00 EEST

The UPM Finesse campaign that UPM is currently running under the title “True life” has gained immense popularity. This campaign shows how special effects can be used to make printed products stand out from the crowd. The focus is on graphic papers and the use of various converting and finishing techniques on different surfaces.

The campaign is accompanied by a series of mailings with a prize draw, both being met with great interest all over Europe. The prizes on offer are of superior “Finesse” with a touch of luxury. The first winners can now enjoy their gourmet hamper containing all they need for a luxurious breakfast – noble Beluga caviar, a bottle of champagne and two glasses. The winners were drawn with the help of Lady Luck. As you can see, all of Europe participated in UPM’s prize draw and our warm congratulations go to:

M. Stears, Robert Horne Group Limited, Northampton, UK
I. Kazakova, Komus, Moscow, Russia
T. Kleppel, Druckerei Hachenburg GmbH, Hachenburg, Germany
W. Oberholzer, Ziegler Druck- und Verlags-AG, Winterthur, Switzerland
L. Menini, Mondadori Printing S.p.A., Verona, Italy

The UPM Finesse prize draw continues and Lady Luck wishes the best of luck to all participants!

For further information please contact:
Ms Doris Lübbers, Manager, Marketing Communications, Tel.: +49 4963 401 1845

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Marketing Communications
October 27, 2005