Environmental load of UPM'S Finnish pulp and paper mills within the permit levels in July

Archive 10.8.2005 0:00 EEST

The start-up of UPM's Finnish pulp and paper mills in July went well after the shut down period of nearly seven weeks. The environmental load from the mills remained within the permit levels during July. The wastewater load such as chemical oxygen demand, phosphorus and suspended solids were all within the mill specific permit levels set by the local authorities.

During the shut down period special attention was paid to maintain the function of the effluent treatment plants. After the shut down the machines were started up gradually to secure the treatment capacity of the effluent treatment plants and to normalise their operation.

During the start-up temporary discharges of odorous gases occurred at the chemical pulp mills but the situation was normalised once the processes were stabilised.

UPM has 10 paper mills and 4 pulp mills in Finland. They are located in Jämsä River Valley, Kajaani, Kuusankoski, Lappeenranta, Lohja, Pietarsaari, Rauma and Valkeakoski.

Corporate Communications
11 August, 2005