A new high-bulk grade in the UPM Finesse range

Archive 14.7.2005 0:00 EEST

UPM has broadened its existing UPM Finesse art paper range with the introduction of a new high-bulk grade: UPM Finesse bulky matt, a high-white matt-coated woodfree paper with a bulk of 1.1 cm³/g.

Book editors will be especially delighted to discover this new grade that gives printed products with a limited number of pages more bulk without adding any extra weight. Thanks to its high stiffness, UPM Finesse bulky matt has a pleasant feel, performs excellently in the printing press and offers versatile finishing options.

In terms of whiteness and shade, UPM Finesse bulky matt is a perfect match for the other grades in the existing UPM Finesse range. With a CIE whiteness value of 130, the paper offers a relatively high whiteness with no compromise on opacity.

UPM Finesse bulky matt is produced by Nordland Papier in Dörpen and is available in basis weights ranging from 90 to 170 g/m² and in all standard sizes for sheet-fed offset.

Printed samples can be ordered by e-mail from upm.finesse@upm-kymmene.com or by fax from +49 (0) 49 63 401 1930.

For more information about our products, please visit www.upm-kymmene.com or contact

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Communications/Doris Lübbers
July 14, 2005