PoS concepts for Yes papers

Archive 3.6.2005 0:00 EEST

Look and Feel!
Simple and concise product specifications on the back of the packages explain which Yes grade is recommended for which application. The printed sample book, “Look and Feel”, goes a step further and enables consumers to get a feel for the different finish, bulk and substance options and to assess the print quality achieved with each of them.

Tailor-made displays
Retailers are offered several attractive display systems to give the papers optimum point-of-sale visibility. The standard display available for the traditional 500 sheet packs makes it easy to display the different grades in a clear and simple way.

In addition, UPM offers another display concept that has been especially designed for smaller packs in A4 format intended for SOHOs (small offices, home offices). This range encompasses several grades for colour inkjet and photo inkjet printing. The boxes contain 15 to 100 sheets depending on the grade and can be suspended or placed in an upright or horizontal position. The SOHO display with its matching colours combines with the small paper packs to create a uniform look and can exhibit six different grades in an upright position.

The new Yes transport packages introduced by UPM at Paperworld 2005 bring big advantages in terms of transportation and point-of-sale logistics. Boasting an attractive design in line with the blue look of the Yes range, these boxes have been developed to ensure safe transportation of the SOHO papers in A4 format. Thanks to the perforation, the transport protection cover can be removed quickly and easily, after which the display is ready to use. In larger stores, the boxes can be placed directly onto the shelves – no need to waste time for unpacking. In smaller stores, the boxes can also be used as shop counter displays.

Pallet-stacked for instant display
Retailers often remove the single packaging boxes manually before exposing copying and printing papers directly on their pallets in the store. This is time-consuming and costly. UPM has developed a palletising system that stacks A4 reams onto the pallets without any boxes and wraps them in PE stretch film. This saves time and money while also protecting the environment.