Say Yes to growth!

Archive 25.5.2005 0:00 EEST

Digital photography is growing fast, with 40% of all European households expected to own a digital camera by the end of this year compared to 26% in 2004, according to CAP Ventures. As home printing remains the favourite way of producing digital images, photo inkjet papers bear a lot of growth potential!

To meet the varying end-consumer needs, the Yes photo paper range, produced by UPM, includes different quality levels, photo sizes and a broad selection of substances.

Brilliant and fast
Yes Professional Photo paper is micro-porous and thus the top-of-the-range paper. It is extremely convenient to use, as the ink penetrates the fine channels on its surface so rapidly that it dries immediately and can be touched just a few seconds after printing. Water, on the other hand, cannot penetrate the micro-porous surface due to its particular surface tension. This means that the paper is wipe-resistant.
Yes Professional Photo paper has that true photo feel because it has a PE coating just like conventional photo paper. This paper matches laboratory prints in terms of optical quality as well. Thanks to its high whiteness, Yes Professional Photo paper produces extremely high contrast pictures with brilliant colours. It is available in ultra glossy and satin finishes in A4, 4x6” and A3 with a substance of 260 g/m².

The inexpensive alternative
Yes Photo paper is an inexpensive alternative for all those who are happy to do without the true photo feel – the cast coated paper has no polyethylene coating - but has value in simplicity of use and good printing results. The ink penetrates the surface quickly and dries immediately. The uncoated reverse side can be written on with a ballpoint pen. Yes Photo paper is available in glossy finish in A4 and 4x6” and in substances of 130, 180 and 230 g/m².