Office papers from UPM: New products, packaging and campaigns

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At Paperworld 2005 in Frankfurt UPM will be presenting Yes and Future, its well established office paper brands for special distribution channels, as well as a new brand launched in 2004, UPM Office.

Since April 2004 UPM has been pursuing a three-pronged brand strategy for its office papers. “Yes is an office and photo paper brand that is specially designed for the B2C market,” explains Martina Schürmann, Marketing Manager for Office & Graphic Papers at UPM. “Yes is a brand that appeals on an emotional level; all marketing tools are designed for advertising to the end consumer, from the advertisements right through to the in store retail concepts. On the other hand, the entire concept of the Future brand is geared towards the B2B market and is supported accordingly. We sell these two brands through selected channels. For all other customers we launched a new brand in April last year, UPM Office. UPM Office replaces all previous mill-related brand names and is part of the UPM umbrella brand strategy throughout the group. Our office papers thus benefit from UPM's powerful image."

The three office paper brands will be presented at Paperworld with new products, packaging and campaigns.

Concentrated range of photo papers
UPM has concentrated its photo paper range on two levels of quality. The microporous Yes Professional Photo papers achieve top quality image reproductions and a genuine photo feeling. The cast-coated Yes Photo papers, on the other hand, are the lower cost alternative for quick prints. Both papers are instant dry. “With these two qualities, UPM is in an excellent position to cater for consumers’ needs,” explains Rita Lembeck, Business Manager for cut-sizes at UPM. “Moreover, microporous photo papers have and will be upgraded to increase their resistance to UV rays, a feature that has so far been typical of polymer papers.”

Higher substances
UPM has extended its substance range for Yes Photo papers: The cast coated photo papers are now also available in 230 g/m², in addition to the papers in 130 and 180 g/m². With Yes Professional Photo paper being available in 260 g/m², the UPM offers photo papers in all relevant substances.

Photo papers in A3
An extension to the Yes photo paper range are A3 formats. With more and more high-resolution digital cameras launching in the consumer or semi-professional market, A3 photo prints have become possible even in the non-professional market. This development has been supported by the rise of A3 photo printers in that market. UPM has therefore extended its range of photo papers in A4 and A6 to include A3 papers. Yes Professional Photo papers are available in A3 in 260 g/m².

New packaging solutions
Also in the area of product packaging, UPM comes up with new solutions at Paperworld. In response to the growing market demand, UPM offers its photo papers Yes Professional Photo paper and Yes Photo paper now also in bigger packs with 50 and 100 sheets per pack. They are available in A4 and A6 sizes. UPM has developed a special box for this, which can be presented both upright and horizontally on the shelves. The front edge of the box can be tilted forwards so that the paper can be removed easily, sheet by sheet.

A new Yes box offers distinct advantages for transport and shop logistics. Mainly developed for the safe transport of A4 SoHo packs, the box in blue Yes design can also be used as a shelf presentation system for large sales areas. Thanks to the perforation, the sealing cap can be easily opened after transportation to make a display from the box. In large sales areas, the box and its content can be placed straight onto the shelf. There is no need to go to the bother of unpacking it. In smaller shops with counter space the box can also be used as a counter display.

Office paper news
UPM presents a wider Yes range with increased weights in colour laser papers. Yes Color copy, which has so far been available in the basis weight of 100 g/m², has been extended to include all market relevant substances, i.e. 90, 100, 130, 160, 190 and 250 g/m².

For demanding colour inkjet and colour laser printing, UPM shows for the first time at Paperworld a new paper that has been developed at its speciality paper mill Docelles in France in 2004. UPM Office presentation plus is a paper with particularly smooth surface and high whiteness for sharp and clear details and excellent print contrasts. Thanks to its high opacity, it is well suited for printing on both sides. “This paper positions itself between UPM Office presentation and our special papers for colour laser and colour inkjet, UPM Office color laser and UPM Office color inkjet,” says Rita Lembeck. UPM Office presentation plus is available in the substances of 80, 90, 100, 120 and 160 g/m² in A3 and A4 sizes. The UPM Office range includes six qualities for different applications, from copying paper to colour inkjet and colour laser papers.

New campaigns to come
Yes, UPM’s B2C brand, will be projecting a further developed communications approach in 2005. “Yes is a powerful brand name in the market for office papers,” says Martina Schürmann, “and it is a brand that has a clear emotional appeal in the consumer market. In our new campaigns that we will be launching after Paperworld, we will be highlighting these marketing features with even more emphasis.”

The new slogan addresses consumers in an even more personal and convincing way: “Your favourite paper“ has become “My favourite paper“. “A minor, but very important and powerful detail in the way our brand is communicated, as “My favourite paper” expresses a definite commitment to the brand,” says Schürmann. People – or rather the faces of different characters – will be the focal point in the new communications approach for Yes. The logo and the slogan will also have a prominent exposure.

Future, the B2B brand, will also be presented with a new campaign topic: the brand will be brought back to the office. The slogan “Your most important staff member” highlights, once again with the slightly ironic undertone that people already know from the “Seriously good office papers”, the important role that papers play in the office. Innovation and reliability are core statements.

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UPM at Paperworld

UPM’s stand at Paperworld is located in Hall 4.1, stand D30.