A strike to begin at UPM Miramichi

Archive 16.12.2004 0:00 EET

The leadership of Local 689 of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers (CEP) union has given UPM the legally required 24-hour advance notice of a strike beginning at 17:30 on December 16 at UPM Miramichi paper mill in New Brunswick, Canada. The union's membership voted on Friday, Dec. 10, in favour of a strike authorization, a vote that also gave the union's leaders the authority to serve the 24-hour notice at their discretion.

The union has been working under the terms of its old contract with the company, which expired June 30, 2004. The negotiations between UPM and the employees ended in November with no resolution. On September 29, 2004, UPM announced a major restructuring at Miramichi facility in order to secure the facility's long-term viability. The program included the permanent closure of Miramichi's aging kraft mill. The closure was completed December 10, 2004.

UPM, Miramichi
December 16, 2004

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