The Envelution Forum

Archive 1.10.2004 0:00 EEST

Last spring, a new and proactive group of professionals with varying expertise and globally leading products within the envelope industry formed what is known as the Envelution Forum. Ink, glue, film and paper manufacturers are represented. The Envelution Forum will develop innovative solutions for the envelope manufacturing industry by focusing on technical development as well as ecologically sustainable solutions.

ANI Printing Inks
Harriet Wickerhoff, Regional Manager Central Europe - Liquid Inks, Managing Director Benelux
"In principle the idea is that all parties who are active in the envelope industry should be able to profit from the results achieved by the work of the Forum. As a starting point for the activities, the Envelution Forum has agreed on the following themes: recycling of envelopes, efficient use of raw materials and the use of UV curing flexo inks."

Henkel Technologies
Andreas Pausch, European Key Account Marketing Manager - Envelope Adhesives
"With the advance of electronic media, Henkel's expertise in adhesives and surface technologies coupled with the Envelution Forum's members we can effectively develop and introduce new innovations for envelopes of today and of the future. The solutions are a source of innovative ideas for more customized applications, more sophisticated products and more flexible and cost-efficient production processes. What makes this unique is the fact that results and developments are not limited to Forum members, but will be available for the benefit of the envelope industry in general."

The Dow Chemical Company
Ludovic Harelle, Postal Films
- Technical Leader
"The Envelution Forum is a working group that is available for envelope manufacturers who want to submit projects. Envelopes have become more and more sophisticated. Formerly they were simply a protection for an insert, today they are designed to convey part of the message and perform efficiently other important operations such as high speed insertion and automated sorting. We are dedicated to the development of mail efficiency opportunities through sustainability and growth of the envelope market."

Valter Sievers, R&D Director - UPM Mail, Envelope papers
"Envelopes have always had an important function to carry correspondence securely from sender to addressee via a postal service. We have to ensure that the envelopes' position remains competitive. Envelution Forum means 'Envelope Research & Technical Development Forum' and we intend to develop innovative solutions for the envelope manufacturing industry and for the entire postal chain. In order to remain competitive, R&D has to be an ongoing process to meet the demands and challenges of the future. The Envelution Forum will enable us to forge ahead by having an open dialogue and exchanges with a common goal. It will also expedite R&D projects by having all parties involved close at hand. This is truly a fantastic opportunity for all those involved in the envelope production arena and also the entire postal chain."

Text: Thomas Barbieri