Rauma PM 2 back on stream

Archive 8.4.2004 0:00 EEST

Rauma PM 2 is back on stream after modernisation of wire and press sections. The shut down lasted for 23 days, and the production started up successfully and on schedule.

The aim was to improve the quality of uncoated super calendered magazine paper (sc) and also to reduce production costs. The production capacity will increase by 30,000 tonnes annually.

After the shut down, stock was on wire on the 23rd of March, and paper was on the reel the following day. First deliveries went out just two hours after the start up. First trial prints took place two days after the start up, and the results were very promising. Quality was improved as expected.

UPM Rauma mill has four paper machines, two of which produce light weight coated magazine papers (lwc) and two supercalendered magazine papers (sc) for offset and rotogravure printing. PM 2 produces sc rotogravure papers which are used by magazine and catalogue publishers worldwide.

UPM, Rauma
April 8, 2004