UPM Office - the new umbrella brand for office papers

Archive 31.3.2004 0:00 EEST

On 1 April UPM launches a new umbrella brand for its cutsize papers. UPM Office replaces all product names that were previously associated with the producing mill such as KymLux, nopaColor and VosgiGold.

For the market launch the UPM Office range will cover six products, from high-resolution colour inkjet papers to the economical alternative for large print runs. "UPM Office represents our basic range of small sizes. In addition we offer Yes, which is a special B2C brand, and Future, a special B2 brand", explains Product Manager Rita Lembeck the branding system which will continue to include customised designs.
"The advantage of this umbrella brand is obvious. UPM Office represents a complete, clearly structured range of office papers. All qualities from UPM are available in attractive standard packaging and thus complement each, forming a comprehensive range. With the UPM umbrella brand we have succeeded in creating a uniform market image and therefore one that is even more striking".
The core elements of the packaging design are leaves of different colours and shapes that symbolise the quality of the individual papers. "For example we use colourful sheets from premier wood for colour inkjet and colour laser qualities", explains Brand Manager Anja Veenker. "With this design we deliberately aim to stand out from the market which mainly offers geometrical and static designs for cutsize packaging at the moment."
The new packaging design, samples and a brochure are available from 1 April.