UPMSpecialty Papers

More paper for added-value forms.

Archive 18.9.2003 0:00 EEST

Today companies are increasingly seeing their business forms and stationery as important instruments of communication and are placing more and more value on creative design and finishing. UPM-Kymmene has a comprehensive range of paper for printing business forms and since September has been offering UPM PrePersonal+, which is particularly suitable for demanding finishing, in an expanded range of basis weights.
Multi-coloured printing, perforations, punching, card inserts or integral labels - this sort of finishing makes special requirements of the preprint paper. UPM PrePersonal+ is characterised by outstanding stiffness which guarantees a smooth passage throughout the entire processing and ensures an appealing texture. Its even sheet formation, its high grade of brightness and high opacity give a very good optical impression that makes the paper predestined for premier printing objects. Since the expansion of the range UPM PrePersonal+ is not only available in 80 g/m2, but also in 90 g/m2.

The preprint range from UPM-Kymmene includes five qualities for various types of application in preprinting, from bulk printing to exclusive business stationery. They are suitable for laser systems, ink-jet printers and, depending on the quality, also for Scitex printers. They are also compatible with all folding and inserting systems. Furthermore UPM PrePersonal+ is also suitable for OCR.

UPM PrePersonal+ in 90 gsm is now available in France, Germany and Belgium and will soon be launched in the Netherlands and Switzerland. For other countries, please contact UPM-Kymmene’s local sales offices.